Income Tax

Our knowledge of income tax preparation, our enthusiasm, our commitment to our customers, and our selection of products is just the start of what we offer. Whether you choose KCC to prepare your personal or small business taxes, you’re getting a partner who will stand with you and actively seek out your best interests, biggest refunds or smallest legal tax liabilities.


  • Personal/Business Tax Preparation
  • Current year and Prior years 2016-2020 filing submitted via EFILE
  • Amendments/Extension Submissions
  • Upload paperwork for filing via APP and/or Email
  • All Tax Forms Insurance
  • Employee Payroll Liabilities
  • Prepare accurate tax returns that are filed on time
  • Calculate estimated taxes for self-employed small business owners
  • Develop tax planning strategies that reflect individual financial goals
  • Electronic filing and direct deposit for a faster tax refund

Fully-integrated mobile app


Eliminate the need for an office visit and hours of going through forms. KCC TaxesToGo® will allow you to work on your personal business, whether it’s late at night or early in the morning. Enjoy a more flexible and mobile way to get your taxes prepared.


Once you have gathered all of you information, simply upload your documents to the app and your personal tax prepare will take care of the rest. No need for you to come into the office. And you can easily complete your bank applications remotely.


All of the information shared between you and your tax preparer in the app is secure. We use multi-factor authentication to make sure your conversations and documents are not at risk.



Due to our concerns for the health of both our staff and our clients, it is with extreme regret that we must announce that all tax return preparation this year will be completed virtually. We really look forward every year to visiting with our clients and hate it that COVID-19 has made this decision necessary. We’re really going to miss seeing you in person this year. We look forward to things getting back to normal next year.

We actually started doing virtual tax preparation for everyone back in March, 2020, however we have been doing this for “out of area” clients for some time. Over the years, we have found ways to simplify and streamline this process. We offer several options:

1. For getting your tax documents to us, choose any one of the following:

  • Fax documents to 228-220-4304. Make sure your phone number is on the package as well as an email address if you use email.
  • Send us your documents by U. S. Mail. Make sure your phone number is inside the package as well as an email address if you use email.
  • Upload your documents through our secure portal. If this is new to you, we’ll be happy to provide you with complete instructions for using our secure portal.
  • We will send your documents through DocuSign a secure sight for your signature.


2. During the preparation of your return:

  •  After we receive your documents, we will do as much work on your tax return as possible. Then we will call you or exchange emails with you to ask any further questions we have, answer any questions that you may have, discuss any issues, and then go over the results of your tax returns.
  • For those of you who are technically savvy and wish to see us face to face through video chat, we welcome that option as well. If you are interested in that, give us a call and we’ll discuss with you what options are available.


3. For returning your tax returns back to you after they are completed, choose one of the following:

  • We can send your tax returns to you by U. S. Mail. You will sign the signature documents and return them by U. S. Mail. There will be a small $5.00 mailing fee for doing this. This is actually a reduction in fee from last year.
  • We will hold your original documents until on file until you tells us how you would like for us to send them to you..
  • We can upload your documents to our secure portal. You will then download the documents, sign the signature documents and then upload the signed documents back to the secure portal.


4. Please be assured that we will always be available to receive your phone calls and emails for questions or discussions